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    Science For The Chickens Vision

    Chickens / birds have 4 cone cells, they see different light to human being (3 cone cells), their vision is most developed, the spectrum is also wider.

    Apart from green ,they can see blue and red color at a higher intensity.  We could offen see the chickens can easily find out the insects for food. 

    Chickens prefer to stay a dark place, if the poultry house lighting is too bright that may cause cannibalism and feather picking.

    Chicken eye, by Gasolec

    Chicken and human being Spectrum,by Gasolec


    What effect of the full color spectrum chicken house lights for the layers and broilers:

    • Green LED increase the growth when the chickens at very young age.

    • Blue LED has a claming effect on the chickens, it can enhance the growth at a older age and better food intake.

    • Red LED  reduce cannibalism and feather picking,increase egg production.

    • Blue-green LED stimulates growth, enhance muscle growth.

    • Orange-red LED stimulates reproduction.stimulates sexual maturity, enhances locomotion and prevents leg and foot disorders

    Benefits of the LED Poultry Lighting SN-PLSTL-10W for Layers and Broilers:

    • Advanced 10W led lights for poultry houses.

    • Waterproof IP67 rate, it can suffer the high presssure cleaner when the farmers clean the barns.

    • Increasing productivity.

    • Improves animal welfare.

    • Reduces the electricity bill.

    • Increasing productivity.

    • Improves animal welfare.

    • Reduces the electricity bill.

    • Replaces the old lamps.

    • A wide 200 degree beam angle.

    Color2700-6000K, Red,Green,Blue
    Dimmable Range0-100% ,0-10V Dimming
    Input VoltageSafty DC48V
    Beam Angle200°
    DimensionDiameter 95* H210mm
    Operating Temperature -20°C / 50°C
    Mounting WayFixed by steel cable
    CertificateCE, RoHS
    Lifespan50,000 Hours
    Warranty3 years


    As the research in the past year, the laying hens and broiler need different lighting intensity and spectrum when they are in different growth period (chick, rearing period / pullet and mature period).    Please contact with us for more information on the lighting management for the poultry farm and find the right poultry farm lighting system & poultry lighting equipment for the chicken house.

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