200W Dairy Lights

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    Project Description

     200W Dairy Lights

    200W UFO LED High Bay Light

    Item No.:SN-HLFD-200W

    High lumen:UP to 150lm/w

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    Main SPEC:

    • Power:200W
    • Lumen:135lm~150lm/w
    • Waterproof:IP65
    • CRI:RA80+
    • LED driver:Meanwell
    • LED:315pcs Philips 3030
    • Voltage:AC100-277V
    • Beam Angle:60°/90°/110°
    • Working Temperature:-20°C~+50°C
    • Dimming:1-10V,DALI dimmable version or non-dimmable version
    • Materials:Aluminum Housing + Lens Cover or Glass Cover
    • Installation:Hanging and surface mounted.
    • Warranty: 5 years


    •  Ø400*H196.5mm



    • Dairy cattle farm
    • Warehouse 
    • Factory Production lines.
    • Platform
    1. This 200W Dairy Lights could be used in the dairy cattle barns for the milk cows illumination.
    2. As an indoor LED barn light, it is waterproof with IP65 rate, it could avoid to water when the farms wash and clear the animal barns.
    3. Another feature is the high lumen, it could make the animail houses bright enough, that make the dairy cow be confortable and increase the milk production.

           Why dairy barn lights is important for the Dairy cows:

    1. As we know LED lighting is used more and more in different sectors, it is also important for the dairy barns and milking parlour. The enough brightness not only can provide the staffs a safe, comfortable and efficient environment, but can provide the milking cows a comfortable, healthy, calm environment.

         2.As the research, the milking cows exposed 16-18 hours in the bright environment and 6-8 hours in the darkness,

            this can increase 8-10% milk productivity.

         How to Choose dairy farm lights for the Dairy cows cattle

         We do suggest 150-250lux and 5000-6000K color temperature for the dairy cow barns.  

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