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Who We Are

Sinos Lighting Limited is a LED lighting distributor who offers lights solutions for the livestock farming sector. We do offer LED Poultry lighting for the layer, broiler, pullet, turkey farming and also offer LED indoor barn lights and LED outdoor barn lights for the dairy farm, horse farm, pig farm, goat farm…

Who Our Customer Are

Our customers are the livestock farm equipment distributors and service & maintenance…etc. companies who design & install the farm buildings, livestock barns, farm sheds and offer the turn key solution for the livestock farming customers.

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Our Sales Team

Ms.Nanko Chen
Ms.Nanko ChenSales Manager
She loves travelling and playing the old Chinese instrument “Guqin”
Ms.Maggie Li
Ms.Maggie LiSales Representative
She Loves learning and making Chinese cuisine for her family.
Ms.Amy Li
Ms.Amy Li Sales Representative
She loves researching “beauty” and share with other girls